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Author:Carson, Michael J.
Position:Book review

Return of the Ancient Mariners

Jack Enright

Privately Published

9781463551469, $14.95,

When it seems the world is young, the natural world is more than a match for humanity. "Return of the Ancient Mariners: Ice Age Saga of America" is a novel set in the Ice Age following young men Tim and Phil as they embark on a journey through the wilderness with lots to wonder and not much understood. For those seeking a fun read of pre history. "Return of the Ancient Mariner" is an exciting and very much recommended read.


Susan May Warren

Summerside Press

9781609362188, $14.99,

With fame and glory promised to you, you may find that promise empty. "Heiress" follows two young women under the pressure of high society. In order to have comfort, they seemingly must surrender the power to choose their own way through life and the option of love. Set in the gilded age, "Heiress" is a riveting read of high society drama, highly recommended.

Deadly Straits

R E McDermott

Privately Published

9780983741701, $14.99,

It's hard to stay away from the spy job for too long. "Deadly Straits" is a story of Tom Dugan as a hijacking comes close to him and leaves him implicated for the crime. As he tries to prove his innocence along with a friends, the CIA operative finds he's racing against the time before those truly responsible leave him and his friends kaput, traveling across the world to find the truth. "Deadly Straits" is a thrilling read that will be hard to put down.

Galloping with Light

Felix Alba-Juez

Privately Published

9781456373856, $24.99,

Science was founded when something started burning around our ancestors. "Galloping with Light: Einstein, Relativity, and Folklore" is a discussion of science through history and legend from Flex Alba-Juez as he seeks to grant readers an understanding of science and help even the most scientifically illiterate reader gain a comprehensive understanding of how it all really works. "Galloping with Light" is an excellent pick that blends...

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