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Author:Carson, Michael J.
Position:Recommended readings

A Fish Trapped Inside the Wind

Christien Gholson


9781906998905, $12.95,

What is at first unusual may be followed with legend. "A Fish Trapped Inside the Wind" is a unique story of a small Belgian town who are pelted with dead fish by the wind. As the town deals with its dead fish problem, the people ponder what it means. Blending in folk legend of small European towns and the effect it will have on their lives, "A Fish Trapped Inside the Wind" is a moving and thoughtful read, very much recommended.

Thorns in the Heart

Steven Stiles

Privately Published

9781456585495, 14.99,

The disease of addiction one that must be beat by will, making it one of the toughest to overcome. "Thorns in the Heart" is a Christian driven guide to facing addiction from Steven Stiles as he advises readers on how to deal with the mental, physical, and spiritual task that is overcoming addiction. He weaves spirituality into it and explains how faith inserted into one's life can make all the difference. "Thorns in the Heart" is a top pick for anyone who wants to look faith to conquer the pain of addiction.

The Blackberry Bush

David Housholder

Summerside Press

9781609361167, $14.99,

Even when the world is handed to you, there can be something missing. "The Blackberry Bush" spins a story of two individuals, separated by an ocean but feeling incomplete. As their lives are incomplete, one chance encounter could change both of their lives forever, as they dance with the concepts of fate and destiny. "The Blackberry Bush" is an intriguing work of looking for what is lost in one's life, highly recommended.

Resurrecting the Street

Jeff Ingber

Privately Published

9781456519896, $12.99,

9/11 was not only a shock to the people, it was a shock to the financial world. "Resurrecting the Street: How the U. S. Markets Prevailed After 9/11" analyzes the financial story behind 9/11, how key people in the markets being lost or killed and the massive shut down of business and other places led to a very unique period of business. Through dedication and drive, the markets recovered, but their road to recovery is one unique in history. "Resurrecting the Street" is well worth considering for anyone who wants another angle to the crisis of 9/11.

The Ultimate Bar Book

Andre Domine

H. F. Ullman


9783833148033, $39.95, www.ullmann...

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