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Author:Carson, Michael J.
Position:'Those Radio Days', 'The Last Californio', 'Reflective Sympathy: True Love Story', 'The Cursed Man', 'Zombiestop Parade' and 'When Will It End' - Book review

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Those Radio Days

A. S. Merwin

Privately Published

9780557243310, $15.99,

Before television and the internet captivated the youth, radio held them as their media sensation. "Those Radio Days" tells the story of a time long gone, where everything seemed so clean and pristine when in fact that's exactly what it was not. Author A.S. Merwin brings readers to a novel following a young man coming to terms with his life and what path he must take to succeed, and the reality of his dreams. "Those Radio Days" is a fan read, that will grip readers and refuse to let them go.

The Last Californio

Robert Sanabria

Paraguas Books

jhughes@scoutliterarymedia .com

9780956578655, $16.95,

The battle against corruption is a struggle that rings more true than ever in today's world. "The Last Californio" tells the story of Gar Montalvo, a Mexico City Journalist who faced familial annihilation with him as the only survivor by the order of a government minister. Across international borders, he struggles to survive and bring down a corrupt system, and gain something that resembles justice. "The Last Californio" is an exciting blend of intrigue and thriller, highly recommended.

Reflective Sympathy

James H. Graham

Author House

1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781456740337, $17.98,

Love has many types and stories. "Reflective Sympathy: True Love Story" is a memoir from James H. Graham, as he tells his story and how he found love and how it wasn't a long blissful experience but filled endlessly with challenge and more before becoming something resembling broken. Devoted and honest, "Reflective Sympathy" is a read that should ring true with many who have faced love and loss.

The Cursed Man

Keith Rommell

Sunbury Press

9781934597033, $14.95,

When death touches everyone you meet, you're not going to become much of a people person. "The Cursed Man" tells the story of Alister Kunkle, a man who seems to invite death upon everyone he meets. One stalwart psychologist. Dr. Anna Lee, is undeterred by the threat of death and finds...

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