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Author:Carson, Michael J.
Position:Book review

A Better Congress

Joseph Gibson

Two Seas Media

PO Box 25706, Alexandria, VA 22313-5706

9781587332333, $16.95,

It has been more clear than ever that our system is flawed. "A Better Congress: Change the Rules, Change the Results: A Modest Proposal" is a collection of ideas from Joseph Gibson who holds that much of the corruption and problems with congress comes from bloat, comes from greed, and comes from strong partisan divide. Offering his many ideas and why he believes they would work, "A Better Congress" is a thoughtful and recommended read, not to be missed.

Witch Hunt

Devin O'Branagan

Infinity Publishing

1094 New DeHaven Street, Suite 100, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2713

9780741463302, $15.95,

Is it your family or the world? "Witch Hunt" tells the story of Leigh, a woman married into the Hawthorne family. When she finds that it's a family of witches, she finds herself in conflict, between the loyalty of her family and the witch hunt that seems to be coming for her as well as her family. A riveting story of magic and morality, "Witch Hunt" will prove very hard to put down.

Politics of Death

Marco Conelli


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781450266284, $10.95,

The drive for power so often leaves dead bodies in the wake. "Politics of Death" is the third in the Matthew Livingston series circling Matthew as he enters into the world of politics and finds it trickier than a murder mystery. But both soon overlap, as author Marco Conelli draws on his own experience as an NYPD detective to create a highly enticing story. "Politics of Death" is not to be missed, highly recommended.

God's Wild Herbs

Dennis Ellingson

Cladach Publishing

PO Box 336144, Greeley, CO 80633

9780981892924, $17.99,

There are countless and varied plants all over the world, and understanding them can prove very useful. "God's Wild Herbs: Identifying and Using 121 Plants Found in the Wild" is a guide to the many useful and unique plants that can grow where you never knew. With a description, full color photograph, and history behind each plant, it gives insight on the versatility of nature. "God's Wild Herbs" is a treasure trove of knowledge and know-how, making it a very highly recommended pick for nature collections.


Cathy Sosnowksy

Granville Island Publishing

212-1656 Duranleau, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H 3S4

9781894694803, $24.95,


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