Carry holsters to suit your customer's lifestyle.

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa

Dealers, by carrying a variety of versatile holsters in your store, you'll be able to reach more women customers. The following companies provide holsters to fit a variety of uses.

Pistolwear LLC started out based on the idea there weren't a lot of holsters to accommodate an active lifestyle in a comfortable, practical way. The PT-ONE holster answers this dilemma in the form of a pouch-style holster made of cushioned stretchy fabric. It can be worn with almost any style of dress either IWB or OWB. It has an ambidextrous design and can accommodate a variety of concealed carry positions. Other features include a perspiration resistant barrier and an outer pouch wall insert to aid in protecting the handgun and eliminate printing.

One of the more remarkable traits of Pistolwear holsters is you can hand wash them. Versions of the holster can accommodate full-sized 1911s while smaller models like the Trump Card Mini are designed for handguns less than 5.25 inches in length. The fact Pistolwear holsters can be worn with any type of clothing is a huge seller with women.

FemmeFatale holsters, which bill themselves as "lingerie for your weapon," offer femininely styled corset, ankle and...

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