Carrie's Story.

Author:Eakin, Julie
Position:Book review

Molly Weatherfield (author); CARRIE'S STORY; Cleis Press (Fiction: Erotica) 15.95 ISBN: 9781573449083

Byline: Julie Eakin

Lots of girls dream of having a pony sometime in their tweens, but none, as far as this reviewer knew, grow up to desire to act and be treated like ponies in their most private lives. Now, that's where an erotic S/M novel like the entertaining Carrie's Story can enlighten and inform! On the other hand, who didn't dream of interrupting the unceasing rigor of their graduate studies with a powerful, shall-we-say, interlude? Combine these two narrative currents, toss in a literate, pretty, and likable young woman who works as a bike messenger while pursuing her PhD at Berkeley, and a plot begins to emerge. Honest.

Emerging is a significant theme throughout Molly Weatherfield's saucy and acclaimed 1995 book, reprinted (again) last Valentine's Day by Cleis Press. Yes, there's a lot of tumescence, as one expects, and its resultant f***ing four ways from Tuesday. A great, relatable scene has Carrie returning home by bus from a particularly debauched session and wondering if any of her fellow riders can sense her contentment. But the larger issue is the surprising -- even to her -- emergence of Carrie's wish to be utterly dominated by a complete (albeit inestimably wealthy and handsome) stranger. In the custody of Weatherfield (who pays her utility bills as Pam Rosenthal), that content is grist for the mind mill (no, I haven't forgotten those ponies, either). Most...

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