Carolina Heat.

Author:Spitz, Shannan
Position:Book review

Reed Bunzel; CAROLINA HEAT; Ingalls Publishing Group (Fiction: Mystery) 16.95 ISBN: 9781932158397

Byline: Shannan Spitz

Both the setting and the characters add real depth to balance with the suspense of a murder investigation.

Jack Connor and his Palmetto BioClean crew have been called to clean up the scene of an apparent, and very bloody, suicide in room 1701 of a local hotel. Unfortunately, the dead man owed a half million to Jordan James, Connor's best friend's father. In Carolina Heat, the suspenseful second book in the Painted Soldier Mystery series by Reed Bunzel, Connor is tasked with finding the money.

Connor, a heavily tattooed Iraq War veteran, starts off with talking to the family of the deceased and soon learns that there was just as much motivation for the man to be killed as there was for him to take his own life. The trail to find James's missing money leads Connor down a twisting trail of lowlife rednecks, ex-wives, and a large southern crime family known as the Dixie Mafia. Connor begins questioning how James is entangled with the deceased, while the body count piles up and his own life is threatened on several occasions.

Bunzel incorporates incidental trivia that...

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