Caring for Myself.

AuthorFalberg, Amy
PositionBook review

Work Title: Caring for Myself

Work Author(s): Christy Gast and Jane Krug, authors; Kotoe Laackman, photographer

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

75 color photographs, 96 pages, Hardcover $19.95

Middle Readers:Nonfiction

ISBN: 9781843108726

Reviewer: Amy Falberg

Mastering the daily habits of personal care are challenging for all young children, but brushing teeth and hand washing can be real stumbling blocks for children suffering from various forms of autism. Caring for Myself, a realistic resource book, specifically targets an audience of parents and teachers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and is designed to help acquaint children with the activities they will encounter on a regular basis, including visits to the doctor. "Cute as can be" children are featured in colorful, real-life photographs, eagerly and cooperatively modeling the routines of day-to-day life.

Author Gast is a veteran educator with the Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding, as a well as the mother of a son with Asperger's Syndrome. She is also co-author of the Social Stories Quarterly, a publication which promotes social understanding between those with ASD and others who interact with them. Jane Krug, a speech-language therapist, has specialized in educating ASD children for nearly ten years.

The introduction notes the special features developed by the authors to increase the book's effectiveness, such as...

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