Author:Cullison, Margaret
Position:Book review

Julian Stockwin (author); CARIBBEE; McBooks Press (Fiction: Historical) 24.00 ISBN: 9781590136683

Byline: Margaret Cullison

Caribbee is a melding of good fiction and historical fact enlivened with colorful, well-drawn characters.

A plot rich in sailing lore, pirate raids, vengeful spies, and shipboard discontent enlivens Julian Stockwin's fourteenth book in the Thomas Kydd series, Caribbee: A Kydd Sea Adventure.

Assigned to the Leeward Islands of the early nineteenth-century Caribbean, Captain Kydd commands L'Aurore, a frigate of the British Royal Navy. Returning to this idyllic archipelago rekindles memories of youthful experiences for Kydd and his trusted friend and confidential secretary, Nicholas Renzi. Their ship cruises the waters, searching for pirate ships intent on robbing British vessels of cane sugar destined for European markets. Suspected French naval presence in the islands may mean retaliatory action spurred by Admiral Horatio Nelson's victory at Trafalgar. A parallel plot involves the tyrannical captain of another British frigate whose crew threatens mutiny.

In pursuit of French ships during a hurricane, a shattered mast leaves L'Aurore at the storm's mercy. Stockwin skillfully describes the high drama of captain and crew working to save themselves and the ship. Using a seaman's instinctual sixth sense, Kydd pictures the tautly...

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