Card Games by Thiagi.

Author:Massue, Mireille

Card Games by Thiagi, by Sivasailam, Book, 2007, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), $49.95.

Support: user guide, CD-ROM, cards and timer.

Card Games by Thiagi is a collection of 30 card games dealing with five training topics: human performance improvement, communication, teamwork, leadership, and diversity. The purpose is to support learner-centered thinking and encourage creativity and critical thinking through the use of open-ended questions.

The package is well put together. It includes:

* One set of 60 playing cards, with 10 cards for each of the six play types: Make a List, Compare the Two, Draw It Out, Don't Talk (charades), Act It Out, and Surprise Attack. Each card has a number on the back, and players have to look up the corresponding numbered item in the content section.

* A timer.

* A CD with the game handouts and job aids.

* A 94-page User Guide divided into two sections. Written in clear, user-friendly language, the first section contains three chapters detailing how to conduct the card games, examples of how to play them, and a sample scenario of how to facilitate each of the games. The second section has the numbered items for the content areas.

To play, the group selects one of the five topics. A player chooses a card from one of the six types--let's say "Make a List"--and the number on the back is 11. The player either looks up the number in the book included in the package or on sheets printed from the...

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