Carbon transport costs.

AuthorHogan Michael
PositionFROM READERS - Letter to the editor

I read with concern your piece on the prospects for and issues with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology [Vital Signs, March/April]. While CCS will almost certainly be implemented in some locations (those proximate to promising sequestration formations or to opportunities for enhanced oil recovery), there is no serious thought being given at the moment to what would be required to capture and sequester carbon from coal-fired facilities not so favorably located--which, unfortunately, describes perhaps 90 percent of the coal-fired plants in existence, in construction, or being planned.

No one who is currently pursuing CCS technology seriously believes that the economics of capturing and transporting large amounts of [CO.sub.2] long distances through pipelines to remote sequestration facilities will make economic sense anytime in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, your article speculated that the first commercial installations at those few locations with reasonable access to sequestration could begin in 2011-12. Even the most ardent supporters of...

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