Captive Dreams.

Author:Stinson, Janine
Position:Book review

Michael Flynn (author); CAPTIVE DREAMS; Phoenix Pick/Arc Manor (Fiction: Science Fiction) 14.99 ISBN: 9781612420592

Byline: Janine Stinson

In the early years of science fiction publishing, writers were often coaxed into publighing fix-up novels, composed of two or more short fiction works which were combined with connecting material to form a novel. For example, Gordon Dickson had a few fix-up novels published as well as writing entire novels centered on his Dorsai "universe." The point was to get as much financial mileage as possible out of a writer's short fiction portfolio. This allowed short fiction collections, fix-ups, and whole novels to all be centered on one set of characters or the same worlds, even though the generator of the longer works was initially unrelated.

Captive Dreams is not a short fiction collection or a fix-up in the usual sense. Some of the stories herein were previously published, others were written for this volume. The character set is the same for each story regardless of which characters appear in any given stories. What makes this volume unique is that one neighborhood is the setting, and all the characters in the stories live in that neighborhood. Flynn has also added afterwords for each story which describe how he came to write each piece, a great way of answering the standard question, "Where do you get your ideas?"

Flynn has created a fictional work from disparate parts that feels homogenous. "Melodies of...

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