Capone, the Cobbs, and Me.

Author:Nickles, Barbara
Position:Book review

Rex Burwell; CAPONE, THE COBBS, AND ME; Livingston Press (Fiction: General) 17.95 ISBN: 9781604891485

Byline: Barbara Nickles

1920s Chicago comes to life in this dialect-filled, fast-paced adventure of gangsters, baseball, and the smart man who overtakes them both.

April means spring training and baseball fever. And what better way to celebrate America's pastime than by enjoying a novel set during the Roaring '20s with some of the giants in baseball as main characters? Capone, the Cobbs, and Me, by Rex Burwell, is just such a book for those readers who enjoy reading baseball stories, albeit spiced with murder, sex, and intrigue.

Most of the characters in Capone, the Cobbs, and Me will be instantly recognizable to baseball fans; there's notorious gangster Al Capone, Hall of Famer with a mean streak Ty Cobb, baseball commissioner Kennisaw Mountain Landis, even musician Louis Armstrong. The protagonist, attorney and baseball player Mort Hart, is a member of the Chicago White Sox, the very same team where eight members were accused of intentionally losing games in exchange for money. Mort wasn't one of the accused and for a while tells himself he's a...

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