Capital Campaign.

Position:A Window To Our Future - American Correctional Association's campaign

Through the support of our members, the American Correctional Association was able to purchase a national headquarters building in 2006. Located in historic Old Town Alexandria, Va., close to our nation's capital, our offices are always open to members, and we encourage you to come by anytime you are in the area.

When we purchased the building, we had a sizeable amount of money saved. As a result, we were able to buy our headquarters without raising member dues. In fact, member dues have not been raised in 20 years. Now, it is time to replenish our cash reserves for unexpected expenses as well as to improve the physical plant of our building. Your membership has been, and continues to be, an investment in professional corrections. Now, we are calling on you for help in securing our future.

We are requesting that you invest in your association's future by contributing to A Window to Our Future Capital Campaign, either through direct contribution and/or future pledges. You may charge your contribution to a credit card, pay online at ACA's Web site or make a pledge for future contributions. ACA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your contributions may be tax deductible just like donations made to charities and other nonprofit organizations. Many of you will receive tax refunds. Why not donate a portion to your professional association?

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