Cape Wind gets the first green light.

Author:Scheer, Roddy
Position:Windmill - Brief article

January 21, 2008

Backers of the Cape Wind project off the Massachusetts coast saw their stock rise last week when the Mineral Management Service (MMS), the federal agency charged with oversight of mining and related pursuits, gave a positive review to their plan to put 130 windmills across a 25-mile stretch of Nantucket Sound off Cape Cod. In its environmental assessment of the proposed project, MMS looked at the potential effects on water quality, wildlife, air traffic, the fishing industry, recreation and tourism, and found no deal-breaking negative impacts.


Cape Wind wants to generate more than 400 megawatts of clean renewable energy to the electricity grid on an annual basis. Those who are for it say we need to develop more new sources of energy that won't contribute to the greenhouse effect. Meanwhile, other greens vehemently oppose it, most notably celebrity environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He cites the need to preserve unimpeded scenic vistas (the proposed site is in direct view of the Kennedy family compound) and...

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