Cantrell, Catherine. Constance, a novel.

AuthorLewis, Courtney
PositionBrief Article - Book Review - Young Adult Review

Random House. 220p. c2002. 0-375-75980-8. $12.95. A

Morgan Clifford is a widowed New York editor caught up in the publishing world's dichotomy of cultured writers and cut-throat business mergers. While Morgan has limped along after her husband's death, she has dreamed of discovering a truly great talent. When the mysterious Constance Chamberlain enters her life on the recommendation of her senior editor, she sees a beautiful, reserved woman with a prodigious talent for poetry who is completely unschooled in the world of publishing. Morgan takes her on as a client, reading her work, trying to get her recognized in poetry publications, and offering feedback. Throughout it all Constance is grateful, intellectual, and extremely reserved about her private life. A chance observation through a restaurant...

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