Care and Candor: Making Performance Appraisals Work.

AuthorMorgante, John-Paul

Care and Candor: Making Performance Appraisals Work, Video, 2006, Coastal Training Technologies, $945.

My local SHRM chapter recently held its annual conference. We had outstanding sessions on topics like strategic HR, building performance cultures, and effective staffing. But no HR conference would be complete without a session on employment law. Furthermore, no session on employment law would be complete without reminding us to, "document, document, document!"

What always strikes me about this rubric is not that it is a necessary part of the HR function but that it is so defensive in its approach. It seeks more to protect the company from a lawsuit than to advance the company forward in performance.

For some companies, the annual ritual of conducting performance appraisals is more about adhering to formal procedure and practice--that we know will help defend us in a lawsuit if needed--than about advancing individual and company performance. A set of training DVD's alone will not magically create a paradigm shift. Yet these two titles from Coastal AMI will help provide a systematic approach to the process of giving and receiving performance appraisals. The first DVD, Care and Candor (online preview is here), is aimed at supervisors and provides them with sensible examples of how to prepare for and deliver an effective performance appraisal. The second, Looking Forward (online preview is here), is aimed at employees. It gives viewers a framework for receiving performance appraisals with a nondefensive attitude that avoids the anxiety and fear many employees feel about the appraisal process.

Each DVD can stand alone, but since both use the same basic themes and structure, I found in my test use that together they helped create a common expectation and anticipation for employees and supervisors.

The scenes are set in a typical office environment, but the content is applicable and adaptable to any workplace. The tone is humorous without becoming a comedy sketch. The actors are believable and properly represent the diversity of the workforce. The use of graphics and production quality are professional and first rate.

Like a TV sitcom, all the world's problems are solved in 30 minutes. Some of the supervisors who viewed Care and Candor at my company commented that it would be nice if it were all that easy. We all know that it isn't. But what I found interesting in my discussions with staff was that they all got the main point of the video, which...

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