Candidates, 0419 UTBJ, Vol. 32, No. 2. 10

PositionVol. 32 2 Pg. 10


Vol. 32 No. 2 Pg. 10

Utah Bar Journal

April, 2019




& Bar Commission Candidates


for President-Elect


Farnsworth is the sole candidate for the office of

President-elect. No other nominations were made to the Bar

Commission. Utah State Bar bylaws state: "In the event

that there is only one candidate for the office of

President-elect, the ballot shall be considered as a

retention vote and a majority of those voting shall be

required to accept or reject the sole candidate."



I am

humbled to be nominated by my fellow commissioners for the

opportunity to act as your President-Elect. It has been my

honor to serve for seven years as a commissioner and as an

ex-officio representative of the Women Lawyers of Utah. I

have prepared for this opportunity by working in leadership

on the Executive Committee, as chair for the 85th Anniversary

Event, and co-chair of the Awards Committee. I have also

participated in multiple committees including the Futures

Commission and the Summer Bar Convention Review Committee.


addition to my bar experience, I have leadership experience

as a former President of the Women Lawyers of Utah and as the

co-owner of Match and Farnsworth, a high-volume small firm.

It has been my goal to be a voice for those who may fall

outside of the traditional practice experience, who are often

under-represented in bar leadership. I will continue to share

my perspective while representing your concerns. I will work

to strengthen the profession and the value of bar membership.

I commit to diligently represent your needs within the Bar

and within the community. Thank you for considering my



Division Bar Commissioner Candidate


Election: According to the Utah State Bar Bylaws,

"In the event an insufficient number of nominating

petitions are filed to require balloting in a division, the

person or persons nominated shall be declared elected.

"John Bradley is running uncontested in the Second

Division and will therefore be declared elected.



For the

past three years it has been my pleasure to serve as the Bar

Commissioner from the Second District. I would like to extend

that service for a second term. The Second District bar is

composed primarily of small firm, solo and government

attorneys. I have done my best to keep this demographic in

mind as I listen and discuss items that come before the bar.

I am...

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