Cancer Warrior.

Author:Richards, Geraldine A.
Position:Book review

Ruth Levine (author); CANCER WARRIOR; Quill House Publishers (Nonfiction: Autobiography & Memoir) $16.00 ISBN: 9781933794419

Byline: Geraldine A. Richards

"I'm not a patient! . . . I'm a prisoner of war." These few words summarize Ruth Levine's outlook on her struggle to overcome the emotional challenges of her diagnosis of stage-four colorectal cancer. In Cancer Warrior, she chronicles her progress from panic and disbelief to acceptance that "where the mind goes, the body often follows."

After her diagnosis, in a fog of fear and anxiety, Mrs. Levine turned to friends. Though supportive, their responses deepened her depression. Ultimately, she proceeds to take charge of her own physical and psychological condition. She first turns to traditional prayer and Reiki to combat crippling anxiety, then learns all she can about her disease and works within and without the traditional medical community to wrestle control of her situation. Facing an extensive surgery, Mrs. Levine begins a strength-training regimen. As she progresses with her treatment, she moves deeper into herself, seeking an explanation for her suffering and a purpose for her life. By focusing on the connection between mind and body, Mrs. Levine comes to view her cancer "not as an affliction but as a challenge."

Cancer Warrior is not a sugary tale of...

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