Canavan shows law degree not essential for legal career.

Byline: Tiffany Nesbitt

Jennifer Canavan admits that when Hupy and Abraham offered her a job in 2004, the firm was taking a chance.

She had gone to school for hotel and restaurant management and her work experience was in country clubs.

"I didn't always want to build a career at a law firm, but I always knew I wanted to manage people," she said.

At Hupy and Abraham, Canavan has done both. From being a legal assistant, she has risen to her current position as director of operations. She also has the management job she has always wanted.

Canavan oversees all 11 of Hupy and Abraham's offices and works directly with top officials and managers in each of its departments. She is responsible for making sure procedures and policies are being followed, and that they remain consistent throughout the company.

"Jennifer provides stability that is pertinent for this company to function smoothly," said Jeanne Daniels, Hupy and Abraham human resources director. "While the adhesive is rarely recognized, it is necessary for a structure to survive."

Canavan, who works in the firm's Milwaukee office, said the hardest part of her job is not being able to be in two places at once.

"I love working in our satellite offices," she said, "but when I am away I feel like I am missing out on everything that's happening in the Milwaukee office, which...

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