Canadian client to buy Proterra EV fleet.

Date26 May 2022

British Columbia's BC Transit approved a $20 million contract to purchase 10 40-foot Proterra ZX5 electric transit buses and one Proterra Energy megawatt-scale EV fleet charger as it transitions its 500-bus fleet to all-electric vehicles over the next decade.

"Proterra is incredibly proud to partner with BC Transit to bring our industry-leading electric transit buses and EV technology solutions to help drive British Columbia's transition to zero-emission transportation," Proterra CEO Gareth Joyce said in the news release. "Through its embrace of innovative technology and historic commitment to electrification, BC Transit is establishing themselves as one of the public transit leaders in this space."

Proterra, which operates its Southeastern manufacturing base in Greenville, was selected by BC Transit through a competitive process for the electrification program. BC Transit's initial 10 Proterra ZX5 electric buses, which will be equipped with 675 kWh of onboard energy, are slated to be delivered in 2023.

"The contract award for the first 10 electric buses is an important and significant milestone that sets BC Transit firmly on the path to replace existing diesel buses with electric ones," BC Transit's CEO Erinn Pinkerton said in the release. "People are looking for ways to reduce emissions in their everyday lives; electric buses further solidify BC...

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