Can a Single Marketing Solution Solve Problems for Both Franchisors and Franchisees at Once?

Author:Born, Mark

Franchisors and their franchisees enjoy a unique organizational structure and relationship that comes with its own set of benefits and challenges.

On the bright side, franchisors enjoy expansion without having to invest an unwieldy amount of capital, an increase in revenue streams and brand recognition, and managers who have a vested interest in the future of the business.

Likewise, franchisees get to build on an established brand and business system. They also typically have access to training and support that sets them up for continued success.

However, the challenges facing those who take the plunge in this industry are many and not easily addressed. One that stands out in particular is franchisors' and franchisees' competing marketing needs. Budgets are only so big, after all, so the immediate marketing goals at different levels of the organization are necessarily different.

Franchisors are focused on maintaining the consistency and integrity of the brand across all their franchises. Meanwhile, franchisees understand the need to appeal to diverse local customer bases--they each need their own individuality.

After all, how can they credibly connect with their local communities and customer bases if they're seen as ultimately no different than any other franchise location?

A Solution Built for Both Levels

So, how can a multi-unit franchise acquire, retain, and engage customers while maintaining both a broad consistency of message and localized appeal?

One solution built specifically to address this problem is the strategic use of branded email newsletters, a marketing solution offered by IMN (iMakeNews, Inc.). Branded email newsletters work at both the corporate and local levels, solving problems for franchisors and franchisees alike. How?

IMN's editorial team provides a template that adheres to franchisors' corporate branding and messaging specifications, but is also flexible enough that franchisees can add content with local relevance--unique promotions, special events, and of course basic information like hours and contact information.

In short, the same solution ensures both corporate compliance and uniquely engaging customer-facing content.

A Content-Driven Relationship Builder

About that content: written exclusively for your customer audience, IMN's messaging delivers a variety of engaging and relevant lifestyle, entertainment, and specialized content designed to move your best customers and prospects through the decision making...

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