Campaigns That Shook the World; The Evolution of Public Relations.

Author:Silverstein, Barry
Position:Book review

Danny Rogers; CAMPAIGNS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD; Kogan Page (Nonfiction: Business & Economics) 19.95 ISBN: 9780749475093

Byline: Barry Silverstein

This retrospective title takes an in-depth look at some of the world's great public relations campaigns.

Is it possible for a campaign that promotes a person, product, or service to have such a dramatic impact that it "shakes the world"? Danny Rogers thinks so -- and he proves it in Campaigns that Shook the World: The Evolution of Public Relations. In his book, Rogers examines nine campaigns, each of which is a classic that has had far-reaching effects.

Choosing the campaigns to include is admittedly a subjective endeavor, but Rogers, a renowned marketing journalist, provides ample justification for his selections. In fact, early on in his description of each campaign, he includes a section called "Why the campaign shook the world," where he explains exactly that.

Rogers provides a rare perspective on such campaigns as the "reinvention" of the Rolling Stones, the launch of the Product (RED) global initiative, and the unprecedented election of Barack Obama. All case studies share a parallel structure so they can easily be compared and contrasted: Rogers introduces the campaign and discusses why it is great, details the cast of individuals involved, provides a full description of the campaign's elements and phases, and reflects on unique attributes. One of the more interesting inclusions is a section called "The Campaign Star," in which the author identifies an individual who played the leading role in each campaign. This lends a very personal aspect to what made the campaign great.

While all of the campaigns in the book...

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