Cameroon does some soul searching.

PositionAnalysis of Cameroon's poor ranking in per capita income - Brief article

By international per capita income standards, Cameroon is a desperately poor country-but by no means is it among the most seriously poor countries. In the CIA's World Factbook ranking of 232 countries, Cameroon is number 179, which places it in the third quartile from the top. The very poorest countries are in the fourth quartile.

So, the country's business community was understandably stung by its 111th position ranking (out of 117 countries) in the World Economic Forum's most recent World Competitiveness report, famously topped by Finland. The survey prompted not a little soul searching in Cameroon and according to the Cameroon Tribune (Yaounde), 120 CEOs in Cameroon participated in a March 2005 study designed to assess the reasons for Cameroon's poor showing. Results were published by the Tribune on February 21...

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