CALPIA honors carl wofford at avenal stat prison as "warden of the year": editor's note: this article is an edited version of an article that originally appeaird in inside CDCR News on July 25, 2014.

Author:Kane, Michele
Position:California Prison Industry Authority - Brief article

At the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR ) quarterly wardens meeting on July 16, A, the California Prison Industry Authority (CALM) ognized Avenal State Prison Warden Carl Wof ford arden of the Year. CALPIA is a self-supporting state ntity that provides training and productive work assignments ,'-ki)Proximatelv 8,000 offenders in California. This annrial award nors a CDCR warden who exemplifies CALPIA's vision, mis-ion and values and shows a partnership in the management of Al, PIA's correctional industry enterprises. "Wofford is an extraordinary advocate of CALPIA's pro-rams and supports what we strive for every day--provid-ng job skills to offenders so that when they parole, they "Ner return to prison," said Charles Pattillo, general manag-r of CALPIA. "He is truly deserving of this recognition ue .to his continual support and being a voice for CALPIA."

Vofford has shown true commitment to CDCR and CALM. by suring that all correctional industry enterprises at Avenal State Prison are fully staffed and...

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