Calling All Young Professionals.

Author:Leffler, Lori

Founded in 1944, NDTA will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2019.

To commemorate this milestone event, we will be publishing a series of articles selected from our archives that will highlight important events in our Association's history.

A vital task for any organization is attracting and retaining good people. If they don't succeed in recruiting younger employees, they will eventually suffer the consequences. NDTA recognized that fact back in the 1970s when the Board of Directors called a special meeting to study the implications of an aging membership. It was reported that when the Board members entered the room, one remarked "I see a lot of gray hair, I see lots of receding and thinning hair, and even lots of no hair. What I don't see are full heads of hair belonging to our new younger professional members." The point was, back then, we had very few young folks on the membership roles. And worst yet, NDTA had no specific plans to attack the problem.

That is, not until the Board appointed MG Clarence J. Lang, the Commander of what was then the Military Traffic Management and Terminal Service (MTMTS), to form a special committee that would report directly to the NDTA President, on plans to remedy the problem. General Lang had been chosen because he had previously formed a successful Junior Officer's Council within MTMTS. He also already served as the Chairman of the NDTA Long Range Planning Committee.

First, a test program was inaugurated in the Washington DC Chapter to designate one chapter meeting per year that was to be entirely planned and implemented by the under 30 membership. From that simple test program, the A-35 program grew to include involvement in all facets of the association.

For example, at the Minneapolis Annual Forum the committee planned and sponsored one of the three major Forum panels. The committee even sponsored their own three-day NDTA Mini-Forum in 1972 at the Great Gorge Resort in New Jersey.

The committee became very involved in fundraising for NDTA Scholarships. They conducted 5K Runs which are still very popular. And, somewhat similarly, several of our chapters in Germany held family friendly Volks Marches--walking through the beautiful German forests with their families on a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll. All registration...

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