Call Me When You Want to Talk about the Tombstones.

Author:Welsch, Camille-Yvette
Position:Book review

Cynthia Marie Hoffman; CALL ME WHEN YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE TOMBSTONES; Persea Books (Nonfiction: Poetry) 15.95 ISBN: 9780892554898

Byline: Camille-Yvette Welsch

In the opening scene of Cynthia Marie Hoffman's Call Me When You Want to Talk about the Tombstones, the author and her mother comb Rose Hill Cemetery in Mt. Carmel, Illinois, searching for family graves. Hoffman's mother carries a long list of names, and her daughter, the poet, snaps a picture of her. As in the rest of the book, history is being both sought and created. In discursive prose poems, Hoffman builds a fascinating collage of family stories, photographs, letters, and poetry.

Like Hoffman's previous volumes, this too is a project book, its poems linked by a common purpose or idea. The poet's mother and her fascination with family history ground the work; that fascination inspires Hoffman's powerful awareness that the document she constructs will be part of her mother's legacy, and also representative of her mortality.

As the two move through old houses, they imagine the lives of those who came before. The poet borrows voices from letters and intersperses them between her own lines and the conversation of her mother. The effect is an echo chamber of family -- mothers and...

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