A Call To Magic.

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A Call To Magic

Mitch Williams

Mitch Williams Magic Productions

665 South First Avenue, Canton, IL 61520


9781479320349, $12.99, 246 pp., www.amazon.com

Synopsis: In the world of self-help and personal transformation, "magic" has become a wildly popular term. Does it take a magician to change ourselves and our world? In "Personal Transformation Help: A Call to Magic--the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World" readers obtain a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into their lives--from a real life magician. As an international award winning professional magician, Mitch Williams understands the power of transforming our perceptions of the world we see. As a long-time, avid student and authority on creativity, peak performance, and personal transformation, he has keen insights into how to apply this shift in perceptions to attain more success, fulfillment, and peace of mind in every aspect of our everyday lives. "Call to Magic" is filled with practical suggestions on how to radically alter...

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