A call to Citizenship.

Author:Thurman, Russ
Position:Industry Watch

In April, the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence presented its 2003 awards in Orlando, Fla. Salutes are in order for all those who made the final nomination list, and those who took home awards. (See page 22.)

The awards were presented during a remarkable time in our country. Since September 11, 2001, we have been at war. Today, we have Americans on the battlefield fighting for freedom.

Yes, these are remarkable times. These are times when we see extraordinary examples of service to our country and mankind. And the service is not limited to life and death struggles. They are often the everyday giving that makes a difference in the lives of others.

This giving, this service is Citizenship.

This industry understands such service. Throughout the country, manufacturers, distributors, dealers and other involved in our industry are making a difference in their communities. Yet, we rarely hear of what they are doing.

Mossy Oak has raised tens of thousands of dollars for a children's hospital, and now supports programs for terminally ill children.

Big Rock holds fishing trips for hundreds of under-privileged kids.

AcuSport voluntarily collects trash along highways in Ohio and helps feed those less fortunate.

Smith & Wesson donates athletic fields to the local community for youth sports.

Jay's Sporting Goods in Glare, Mich., pays its employees to tutor children on how to read.

The Firearm Service Center in Louisville, Ky., helps feed the hungry.

Barnes Bullets has literally saved hunting in Utah, preserving the state's great outdoors for everyone.


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