Call of a Coward.

Author:Hastings, Penny
Position:Book review

Marcia Moston (author); CALL OF A COWARD; Thomas Nelson (Nonfiction: Religion) 15.99 ISBN: 9780849947308

Byline: Penny Hastings

When Marcia Moston's husband, Bob, confided his belief that God was calling them to pack up and move to a Mayan Village in Guatemala, Marcia was stunned. In her memoir, Call of a Coward: the God of Moses and the Middle Class House-Wife, she tells of her inner conflict, of the fear of stepping from their neatly defined world in northwestern New Jersey with their ten-year-old daughter, Lilly, and following her husband to become missionaries in a third-world country.

Was the middle-class house-wife's faith in God and in her husband's understanding of what He wanted them to do strong enough? In the end, they rented their home, bought a heavy-duty Ford Explorer to drive the rough roads they would encounter, and dropped their pet fish off at a friend's house on their way out of their comfortable, secure life.

The family arrived first in Antigua for six weeks of language school and to live with a local family before leaving towns and paved roads behind and moving to their Mayan village. A terrifying two-hour drive on narrow mountain roads and around hair-pin turns was the only entrance (and exit) to the small village. The two-room house they rented had a kitchen that was "absolutely bare except for a cement firebox" for cooking. There was a weak current of electricity to a water heating unit and no phone service. Moston said she prayed for courage to accept this forsaken place and to follow God's plans.

Heat, bugs, medical, and other...

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