Call for Papers

Date01 March 2016
Published date01 March 2016
World Food Policy - Volume 2, Issue 2/Volume 3, Issue 1, Fall 2015/Spring 2016
Call for Papers
World Food Policy (WFP) editors invite submission of manuscripts contribut-
ing to the Journal’ s Aim and Scope: to promote a multi-disciplinary forum
for generating the analysis and understanding of global trends – as well as
regional and local forces shaping food and food policies around the world.
More than ever before, the world now faces paradoxes and predicaments on the prob-
lems related to food. On the one hand, we have problems of mulnutrition, hunger, and
falling prices of commodities and agricultural products. On the other hand, we also
have to deal with rising costs of obesity-related health problems, food waste, and in-
creasing corporate monopolies of seeds and medicines through patents. Several long-
term trends also contribute to future uncertainties that call for urgent international
policy collaboration and transnational adjustments at all levels to address conditions
critical to food sustainability and security: climate change, deforestation, rising world
population, aging societies, depletion of freshwater resources, to name but a few.
For further information on the journal’s aim and scope please consult WFP website:
WFP is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal of the Policy Studies Or-
ganization (PSO), Washington DC - a nonprot society founded as an outgrowth of
the American Political Science Association for those in a variety of elds who were
interested in how public policy and organizational policy were being studied and dis-
cussed. Based on the concern that policies should be informed policies and that re-
search knowledge must be eectively disseminated to reach those who actually set pol-
icies, the PSO seeks to disseminate scholarship and information to serve those making
and evaluating policy.
WFP’s board of editors comprises those nominated from a broad diversity of institu-
tions and countries, and are acknowledged by the Royal Society of ailand (RST), the
journal’s host institution:
All manuscripts should be submitted electronically as an email attachment, and ad-
dressed to the editor-in-chief at:
For details on Manuscript Preparation and Manuscript Submission please consult
WFP Author Guidelines at:

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