Calendrical Reform.

Author:Petty, Jonathan C.
Position:POETRY - Poem

CALENDRICAL REFORM Had Constantine's appendix simply burst A week before he fought the Milvian Bridge, Mankind perchance might have been spared the worst Of two millennia of brain damage. Inquisitors, unleashed, might ne'er have turned The voice of reason to tormented screams; Reality itself, not being spurned, Might have inspired mankind's most lofty dreams. Philosophers, unburned, might have stayed free Within the Academy's wide-open doors To teach and model free inquiry And voyage in thought to learning's farther shores. We might have witnessed Truth ascend to view And strode the moon by fourteen ninety-two. Jonathan C. Petty is an independent musicologist, composer, and the author of the book Wagner's Lexical Tonality and other scholarly articles....

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