Calendar of events of interest in church and state.


The Religious-Secular Divide: The US Case

The New School

New York, New York

5 to 6 March 2009

This conference will explore the tension between religion and secularity in the US, which is long-standing, widespread, and increasingly intense. Speakers include: Noah Feldman, George Kateb, Richard J. Bernstein, and Jose Casanova on religious, political, philosophical origins of the secular. David Martin, Peter van der Veer, William E. Connolly, and Daniel C. Dennett will speak on religious selves and secular selves.

Keynote Address will be given by CHARLES TAYLOR on the polysemy of the secular. John T. Noonan, Jr., Winnifred Sullivan, James A. Morone, and Stephen L. Carter will speak on religion, politics, and the democratic state. David L. Chappell, Susan F. Harding, Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad, and James Davison Hunter will speak on on moral crusades then and now. Sheila Davaney, Mark Lilla, Michael W. McConnell, and Charles Taylor will speak on the future of religion and the future of secularism.

For information, contact:; or telephone 212229-5776 x3121; or visit the website at:

Symposium on Religion and Politics

Henry Institute

Calvin College

April 23-25, 2009

Grand Rapids, Michigan

This symposium brings together individuals who share an interest in the interplay of religion and politics. Attendance is open to anyone interested in this field of discussion. The Symposium provides an opportunity for scholars in the field to present papers related to their current research, to foster personal and professional networks, to facilitate joint research endeavors, and to learn about ongoing research opportunities in this area. Persons interested should contact: Corwin Smidt, The Henry Institute at Calvin College, 1810 E. Beltline, SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546-5951. Telephone: 616/526-6233. E-mail:; or see the website:

International Conference

Change and Stability, State Religion and Politics in the Modern Middle East and


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