CalCPA salutes those who keep CPA-PAC strong.


Providing a Voice

CalCPA's independent, voluntary, nonprofit political action arm supports candidates regardless of political affiliation based on their ability to make a difference for California CPA businesses. The stronger CPA-PAC becomes through increased membership and contributions, the greater our chances for affecting positive, pro-CPA change in California's political climate. We'd like to thank all those that have contributed to CPA-PAC this year. A complete list of donors is available at You have made a difference for the CPA profession in California. If you haven't yet joined CPA-PAC do so today at


Richard S. Barnes, John W. Kennerson, Leslie J. LaManna, Leonard C Wright, Dennis A. Young


Michelle E. Benton, Dennis R. Brach, Gregory M. Burke, Leslie M. Buttigieg, Joelyn K Carr-Fingerle, Andrea G. Cope, Loretta Doon, Stanley Gibbs, Michael C. Gray, Margaret S. Hesse, Robert L. Hillberg, Steven F. Lund, Mark S. Luttrell, James H. Macklin, John McWilliams, Karen D. Pfau-Martinez, Melody S.Thornton, Gregory P. Verdon, Kathy Yu Liu


Timothy J. Anderson, Richard A. Genovese, Megan C. Murphy, Jacob J. Nava-Coulter, Deborah L. Pender, Edmond E. Traille


Sabry M. Abdel-Aziz, Walter A. Adler, Steven E Akers, Robert D. Alexander, Kelly E. Allen, Leslie S. Alston, Christopher L. Amy, Brian P. Anderson, John W. Anderson, Ken R. Anderson, Mary J. Anderson, Michael L. Anderson, Sarah J. Anderson, Anne E. Andrews, Ralph W. Andrews, Alexander C.Anguiano, Joseph F.Anselma, Kenneth A. Antell, Scott D. Appel, John T Arao, Andrew J Armanino, Holly A Armstrong, Kultar S. Arora, Richard J. Artis, David E. Ash, Jacqualine M. Att, Jacquelin Ausquy-Berterr, Edmond Avaness, Yusuf A. Balogun, Ellis M. Balsam, Max Baiter, Bruce H. Bandemer, Sandra N. Bane, Charles A. Bardwell, Steven Barlevi, Nabil Barsoum, John M. Baseel, Jere R. Batten, Mark E. Beal, Gregory W. Beck, Laurence R. Becker, Raymond A. Benetti, Dennis M. Benko, Stephen H. Bennett, JoAnne M. Berg, Richard Berger, Howard 0. Bernstein, Daie W. Best, James A. Biedenbender, William L. Bingley, Claude J. Bishop, Henry Black, Steven R. Blake, Jeffrey M. Blankenship, Michael A. Blankenship, David S. Blankstein, Robert M. Bleeck, Shawn C. Blom, Charles D. Boerio, Stephen J. Bonovich, Brian R. Booth, Louis E. Borgstrom, Mary Lou P. Bornt, Ralph Bovitz, Kevin G. Breard, Geoffrey Bremer, Stephen M. Brickley, Eric A. Briese, Charles L. Brister, Timathy E. Brown, John J. Brychel, Michelle Burge, Edward E. Burns, Timothy J. Burns, Blaine B. Bush, Lynne C. Bushore, Dewey 0. Cain, Thomas F. Caldwell, Travis Call, John B. Campbell, Giuseppe Canzonieri, Gary G. Capata, John M. Carbahal, Manuel A. Carbahal, Richard V. Carlson, David E. Carroll, Richard G. Carson, Michael D. Carter, Eugene F. Cassady, William P. Cater, Gary A. Cates, James C. Chambers, Albert Chan, Kitman Chan, Thomas W. Chan, Robert Chandler, Dwight W. Chao, John...

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