Calabrio's app-based performance solutions.

Author:Read, Brendan
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There are new ways of enabling contact centers to provide superior performance through technology. The first is cloud/ hosting delivery that offers flexibility and upgrades at low or no capital costs. The second, which is starting to happen, is the app model that is taking its cue from the mobile web. This is an integrated platform that is individual-user-customizable via small-footprint subapplications, or "widgets", for specific needs.

Calabrio ( has embraced the app/widget model for its performance management/workforce optimization (PM/WFO) contact center solutions. It is also engineering its products for resale by hosting companies from these firms' servers. Both moves have arguably positioned the company well against its competitors.

The Widget-Enabled Calabrio ONE

Calabrio ONE, the firm's PM/WFO solution added a growing library of apps/widgets in its latest February 2011 release. Users can download the ones they need then position and configure their dashboards. For example a supervisor can download a widget enabling them to monitor quality scores while an agent can install one that would allow them to track their schedule.

Widgets can be installed in minutes, compared to days or even weeks for conventional client-side apps. They are small enough to be installed on mobile devices.

Calabrio's widgets differ from thin-client applications in that the latter has fixed, inflexible layouts. Moreover, widgets can reside within application components written by others, including multiple vendors. This becomes useful for pulling in third party components that may add value, like social media and dashboard components from CRM/ERP systems within the WFO framework or other third party container.

All widgets within an application set, such as call recording and quality monitoring (QM), come in a standard set. The firm's vision is for a library of widgets to extend the core set, some of which may be purchased separately.

Calabrio released 20 widgets covering core functionalities including recording, scoring and workforce management (WFM). The firm is working on speech and desktop analytics platform additions and supporting widgets for Fall 2011. It will be releasing other widgets as customers need them.

"While you have all these pieces in WFO - PM/WFM/QM - coming together on a platform or offered modularly, not all of them are put together in a comprehensive suite with single-sign-ons and easy user, customization and interaction,"...

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