Cahn-Tober, Theresa. Hide and seek; a wartime childhood.

Author:Zachary, Nancy
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Univ. of New Mexico Press. 216p. illus, c2002.0-8263-3198-X. $10.95. JSA

Writers continue to bear witness to the experiences of the citizens of Europe during WW II in order to prevent similar atrocities from happening again. This colorful childhood of the 1930s reveals a Polish family surrounded by loving relatives and absorbed by the culture that they always took as their own. When being Jewish becomes frightening and dangerous, they take measures to insure their safety and survival. "Marysia" was actually the daughter of Theresa's father's wet nurse. and she stepped forward to secure this family's existence. Years later, in 1988, she and her husband Jozef Niemiec were honored posthumously for their deeds, with Israel's Medal of the Righteous of the Nations. We read of hiding, new identities, fear of the Nazis and religious...

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