CAE midyear passengers higher than projected.

TheColumbia Metropolitan Airportis reporting higher than projected numbers at the midway point in the year.

"The rate at which passengers have returned to air travel this year has been more than we initially projected in late 2020," CAE Executive Director Mike Gulasaid in a news release. "We're pleased to see the consistent increase in passenger traffic through the airport and thank the community for their continued support in utilizing CAE."

So far this year, CAE has seen more passengers each month than the previous month.The 37,007 passengers in January had grown to 83,289 by the close of June, the news release said.The total passenger trafficcountthrough Junewas 347,157.That places CAE 12.13% above where it was this time last year, the release said.

In April, theCenters for Disease Control and Preventionissued a statement declaring that fully vaccinated Americans could travel within the United State without testing. Since this announcement, CAE has seen a significant spike in individuals opting to fly to their desired destinations, the...

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