Cabot, Meg. All-American girl.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

HarperCollins. 256p. c2002 0060294701. $17.89. JS

Sam doesn't think of herself as anything special. Sure, she has artistic talent, but compared with her beautiful, popular older sister and her brilliant younger sister, she self-pityingly describes herself as "a fifteen-year-old, left-handed, redheaded, boyfriendless, misunderstood, middle child reject, broke, standing in the rain after her drawing class because she couldn't take criticism." Then the president's motorcade draws up, and as the president emerges Sam notices that the man next to her on the curb is pulling out a gun. Acting instinctively, Sam throws herself on the would-be assassin, saving the president's life, breaking her wrist, and catapulting herself into instant celebrity--though she's more concerned with being grounded by her parents for skipping class. Sam meets the president and his family, and is appointed teen ambassador to the U.N.--and who knew the cute guy in her drawing class would turn out to be...

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