C Is for Colorado.

Author:Gardner, Diane
Position:Children's review - Book review

; C IS FOR COLORADO; Westwinds Press/Graphic Arts Books (Children's: Picture Books) 13.95 ISBN: 9780882407760

Byline: Diane Gardner

Few things are sweeter than a child's early poems: simple, touching, and at times more insightful than expected. And since children often know best how to capture the interest and imagination of other children, an educational picture book filled with kids' poems just might bring rote learning to life. Such is the case with C is for Colorado.

This book celebrates Colorado through two- to four-line poems. Together, they cover everything from the state's culture ("K is for Kayaking: When you feel excitement lacking, It may be time to go kayaking") to local animals ("P is for Prairie Dogs: Prairie dogs on guard until day's end, They let out a chirp to warn their friends"), to the state flower (the Columbine), to important places in the state (Denver and Estes Park), and more.

Each poem offers key facts about its topic. And in the back of the book, short paragraphs provide further information for educators or older children. Full-color photographs on each page beautifully illustrate each rhyme. The pictures are vibrant, with bold, bright tones and plenty of energy to draw little eyes in. Of course, alphabet skills are also reinforced every step of the way.

The inherent challenge for a regionally based book is ensuring its relevance outside the area it was written...

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