By Your Side.

Author:Seeburger, Felicia
Position:Book review

Candace Calvert; BY YOUR SIDE; Tyndale House (Fiction: General) 14.99 ISBN: 9781414390321

Byline: Felicia Seeburger

Past the ER doors, characters emerge to show a way of life rarely encountered in contemporary Christian fiction.

By Your Side, by Candace Calvert, is a fast-paced, contemporary novel that peeks inside the hectic and unpredictable lives of emergency-room nurses, police officers, and crisis-care chaplains. The two central characters, Macy, an ER nurse, and Fletcher, a cop, search for understanding when life's trials ensnare them and throw them together. The straightforward storytelling is engaging and interesting as the story unfolds around this unlikely pair.

Within the central story of Macy and Fletcher's nascent relationship are many additional characters, all realistic in their details, thoughts, and interactions. They search for answers to life's questions and how to deal with doubt, grief, and longing. The backstory to both main characters provides depth and resonates with truth.

As a fictional Christian romance novel, the search for God is woven throughout. Faith is tested amidst doubt and emotional upheaval, with Macy wondering if God even exists. She has the farthest to travel in her journey to faith and peace of mind.

Calvert's writing is on point, with...

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