By the numbers emerging technologies: the Detroit region is a hot bed for emerging technologies and innovation. The region's automotive heritage lends itself to many of these newly emerging industries in the region.

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$147M The value of small business loans awarded to small businesses in the Detroit region in 2009.

3.6 The number of people per 100 people working in the Detroit region who work as an engineer, ranking 1 in engineers per capita over any other metropolitan area.

22nd Michigan's rank in net renewable energy generation in 2007.

22,674 The number of people employed in clean energy jobs ranking Michigan 10th in the United States in 2007.

$700M The incentive dollars Michigan will award companies conducting advanced battery and storage in the state.

9 Of the top 10 Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid Electric & Electric automotive manufacturers are in Michigan.

5 The number of operating ethanol plants in Michigan.

20% The percentage of the world's fresh water supply is in the Great Lakes, giving Michigan one of the largest resources of Hydro-electricity.

3,516 The number of patents granted in Michigan in 2009. This ranks Michigan 7th in the nation.

2nd Michigan's rank in the number of degrees completed per capita in the emerging logistics field.

760,728 The number of micro enterprises (less than 5 employees & non employer) operating...

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