By the Light of the Moon.

AuthorTavener, Janie
PositionBrief article - Children's review - Book review

Work Title: By the Light of the Moon

Work Author(s): Sheridan Cain, author; Gaby Hansen, illustrator

Tiger Tales

Color illustrations, 32 pages, Hardcover $15.95

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 9781589250628

Reviewer: Janie Tavener

"Where, oh where can my Little Mouse sleep?" Mother Mouse wondered and worried, as she hugged him tightly, desperately looking for a place for the two of them to spend the night. Mole had warned her that the farmer was about to plow the field they called home. Well-meaning friends Mole, Owl, and Duck suggested sleeping in a snug underground hole, high up in a tree's nest, or on a damp bed of reeds. In spite of all the caring suggestions from friends, Mother does know best! Gazing up at the nighttime sky, she fondly remembers her own home from long ago under the shiny, silvery moon and twinkling stars. There is no place like home, and Little Mouse settles down in a safe, grassy nook to go to sleep by the light of the moon.

This is a tender story of a mother's love for her little one and her concern to keep him out of harm's way. The repetition in the story, Mother...

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