By the Name of God, the Most Merciful and Gracious.

Author:Cole, Henri



By the Name of God, the Most Merciful and Gracious My name is--a student in high school. It cost me such an effort to look at you. Me and my family were sleeping when we heard knocking. My heart was racing. I thought I might die. Then soldiers entered and commenced searching the house (it was five in morning). Any love was a good love, I thought, so I took what I could get. They tied my brother and father--and my hands--and took us to their quarters. For a time, the here-and-now of life in the flesh carried us along. They put bags on our heads in a room containing a vocal device (so big recorder) and rised the voice loudly, then started. Where does the pain come from ? I'm afraid of its power. They didn't give us food or water except once for two days, pouring cold water on our bodies at night, beating us during the day. Why should I be afraid to die ? I belong to you. When a soldier kicked me a strong kick on my face, my teeth break. I love your lips, the spur-of-the moment statements of revolt. I kiss them now. Also, my down jaw (several fractures). I cannot command myself before the features of your face. After, they told me to say I fallen down and no one beated me. I don't feel guilty. Guilt is a wicked ghost. Then they transferred me from--to--without...

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