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* Is your boss a Terrible Office Tyrant - a TOT - who can revert to a helpless toddler, or worse, a tantrum-prone bully? TOTs are everywhere, but don't panic! TOT taming guru Lynn Taylor is here to help. "There are many striking parallels between difficult bosses and children - and almost all executives behave this way at some point, "Taylor explained. "The difference is whether people in positions of power allow the child within to inspire ... or rule them. That's how you can 'spot a TOT' in your boss or even in yourself." Out this July, the book is amusing and useful at the same time. Find out more at


* Spills are never good - sticky desk, coffee stains and don't even bring up technology's bad relationship with liquid. This carry-out cup look-alike, cheekily named "I am not a paper cup," allows you to walk the streets of the city with some home- or office-brewed Java the green way. Made out of two layers of porcelain, this cup will keep your morning brew hot and contained thanks to the flexible silicone lid that fits snugly on top. For a little under $20. the price is right for this eco-friendly container available from


* Everyone's heard some horror-story down the grapevine of a laptop overheating itself to death. It starts out simple and ends...

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