Buzz off. No vacancy.

Author:Taft, Chloe
Position:WORKS IN PROGRESS - Brief article

If the words roach motel make you squirm, Brandon Bailengee hopes you'll think again. Blurring the boundaries of art and ecological research, the artist-biologists Love Motel for Insects is an ongoing series of outdoor installations designed to bring nocturnal arthropods and humans into closer contact. Since the project began in 2001, the blue glow of UV lights on blank canvas has attracted visitors-by foot and by wing-from around the world.

The first Love Motel consisted of bed sheets spread on the floor of the Costa Rican rain forest.

Ballengee, inspired by the diversity of insects that came knocking, conceived a more formal sculptural project. So far, he has installed billboard-sized Love Motels in sites as varied as an inner-city bus stop, a Venetian boat, and the Scottish Highlands. Female insects often visibly mark the canvases with chemicals to...

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