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* Earlier this month, T-Mobile and Google executives unveiled the highly-anticipated "Google-powered" phone, the G1. The G1 is the first phone powered by Android, Google's open source mobile phone software platform that gives third-party developers the opportunity to create new applications. If you understand what that means, you're probably already in line to get one. * The phone is available after Oct. 22 for $179.


* Press Release Grader is a free tool that "grades" your press releases and addresses potential faults If you want to deliver great news, why not make sure you are formatting it the right way? * Try it out at


* Think that 5 lb laptop is just too large to be considered portable? Consider a netbook, also known as a subnotebook. These little wonders are about the size of a hardcover book, inexpensive (take that, MacBook Air), run Windows and jump online in a snap (allowing you to do all the important things away from the office). Asus started the trend with its Eee PC, and now HP, Acer and Lenovo are getting hip to the trend.


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