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Q: Why would anyone possibly want a doorbell on their cubicle?

A: Typically, visitors knock loudly on the cubicle partion, shuffie/stamp their feet, or clear their throat repeatly to get your attention. Other times, they just walk right in unannounced! The Cubicaller provides a fun, less annoying way for them to announces their arrival.

Q: If I install a Cubicallar on my cubicle doorway, will my officemates think I'm cool or nerdy?

A: Probably a little bit of both.

Q: My office is very quiet and slightly boring, will the Cubicaller help solve this problem?

A: Yes, the Cubicaller will bring laughter and fun times.


Q: When people come to my cubicle, they often get my attention by tapping me on my shoulder which frightens me and causes me to fall out of my seat. Can the Cubicaller solve this problem?

A: Yes.

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