2005 buyers' guide of correctional products and services: listings by category.




120 South Glasgow Avenue

Inglewood, CA 90301

Toll Free: 800-826-7493


Fax: 310-641-1586

E-Mail: info@doorking.com

Web Site: www.doorking.com

Contact: James Palfreyman, Sales Consultant

DKS DoorKing manufactures a complete line of security access control products and security, vehicular gate operators. Our multi-door access control system can use a variety of access devices including proximity cards, digital PIN codes or RF transmission. This system will report door-ajar and forced-entry conditions, and can activate local and building alarm systems. Our Intelligent Gate Operators report their status to the access control system for complete accountability and record keeping.



155 Fawcett Street

Cambridge, MA 02138


Fax: 617-547-2171

E-Mail: eckelct@eckelacoustic.com

Web Site: www.eckelacoustic.com

Contact: Customer Service Department

Eckel's quality-engineered, high-performance acoustical wall and ceiling panel systems offer convenient, cost-effective methods for reducing background noise and reverberation in correctional and high-security facilities. These rugged, low-maintenance noise control systems quickly improve the acoustic environment, thereby lessening fatigue and tension, reducing speech interference, and increasing the intelligibility of spoken announcements/instructions. Standard and custom systems are available. (See our Advertisement on Page 31.)



10880 Lin Page Place

St. Louis, MO 63132

Toll Free: Customer Service: 800-325-8998


Fax: 314-963-8774

E-Mail: customerfirst@keefesupply.com

Contacts: Jack Donnelly, President/Chief Operating Officer Keefe Group

Tyler Alcorn, Vice President/General Manager KCN

Rich Gray, Vice President/General Manager Keefe Group

Theresa Chazen, Vice President/General Manager Access

Keefe Group is the nation's leading supplier of food, personal care, electronics, clothing and shoe products to Federal, Prison and Jail commissaries. Our product line includes commissary friendly packaging such as flexible, clear and resealable pouches. Keefe carries more than 5,000 name brand and private label products from a network of distribution centers nationwide, offering next day service. (See our Advertisement on Page 59.)



222 North Second Street

Minneapolis, MN 55401


Fax: 612-339-6212

E-Mail: tredmond@bkvgroup.com

Web Site: www.bkvgroup.com

Contact: Ted Redmond, AIA, Partner

BKV Group, Inc. is a 50-person, multi-disciplinary firm providing architectural, interior design, engineering and construction administration services to government/municipal clients for over 25 years. Our team members have extensive correction and detention facility experience. Specialties include programming and planning, exterior and interior remodeling, historic restoration, additions and new construction for large and small projects. BKV Group provides total architectural solutions for contemporary justice architecture.


410 N. 44th Street, Suite 800

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Toll Free: 800-966-3909


Fax: 602-275-4331

E-Mail: froberts@durrant.com

Web Site: www.durrant.com

Contacts: West Region: Frank Roberts, Director of Durrant Justice

Ari Zavaras, 303-377-2900, azavaras@durrant.com

Midwest Region: Hal Farrier, 641-469-6208, hfarrier@durrant.com

Steve Nolan, 608-241-3340, snolan@durrant.com

Durrant Justice's philosophy regarding planning, design and construction of criminal justice facilities is the belief that all criminal justice facilities should be simple, safe and easy to maintain. We listen to our clients, share ideas and work hard to meet client needs. Our national justice team offers specialized experience in programming, planning and design, operations, security and facility activation, design/build/operate teams, vulnerability and risk assessment, privatization options and financing services. Focusing on all types of criminal justice programs, buildings and facilities, Durrant has been involved in more than 135 projects totaling over $1.2 billion in construction costs over the past 13 years. We provide timely and responsive service to clients from 11 offices and 32 affiliated firms throughout the United States. (See our Advertisement on Page 91.)


P.O. Box 8037

Janesville, WI 53546


Fax: 608-757-1452

E-Mail: sales@soffisteel.net

Web Site: www.soffisteel.com

Contact: Jack Grice, P.E., President

When security counts, more architects and engineers specify the Soffi-Steel System to cover fire sprinkler, HVAC and plumbing piping. Soffi-Steel soffits are: tamper-resistant, contraband-resistant, maintenance-free, economical to install, custom-fabricated to meet your needs. The Soffi-Steel System is installed in hundreds of correctional and psychiatric facilities. Soffi-Steel is the most versatile and aesthetic solution on the market. Call for a free copy of specifications and product information! (See our Advertisement on Page 21.)


999 Peachtree Street, N.E.

Atlanta, GA 30309-3953

Toll Free: 800-52 HEERY (43379)


Fax: 404-875-1283

E-Mail: scunning@heery.com

Web Site: www.heery.com

Contact: Su Cunningham, National Director, Corrections/Criminal Justice Programs

Regional Office Locations:

Cleveland Office:

Terminal Tower

50 Public Square, Suite 2175

Cleveland, OH 44113

Toll Free: 800-52 HEERY (43379)


Fax: 216-781-1613

Web Site: www.heery.com

Contact: John May, Vice President and Central Regional Manager

Baltimore Office:

100 East Pratt Street, Suite 2410

Baltimore, MD 21202

Toll Free: 800-52 HEERY (43379)


Fax: 410-685-2506

Web Site: www.heery.com

Contact: Bill Heitz, Senior Vice President and East Coast Regional Manager

Seattle Office:

1011 Western Avenue, Suite 706

Seattle, WA 98104

Toll Free: 800-52 HEERY (43379)


Fax: 206-587-0469

Web Site: www.heery.com

Contact: Jim Isaf, Vice President and Northwest Regional Manager

Sacramento Office:

8801 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 290

Sacramento, CA 95826

Toll Free: 800-52 HEERY (43379)


Fax: 916-388-1402

Web Site: www.heery.com

Contact: Su Cunningham, National Director, Corrections/Criminal Justice Programs

At Heery, our cutting-edge approach combines global strength and strategic vision with innovative talent, sound construction experience, modern technical skills and business acumen to deliver quality correctional facilities on time and on budget. A one-source solution, we can handle any job from start to finish--from architecture and engineering to managing your program, construction and facility. Our approach comes from 30 years of building more than $4 billion in city, county, state and federal correctional facilities across the nation. (See our Advertisement on Page 69.)


Pennbrook Business Center

1010 Church Road

Lansdale, PA 19446

Toll Free: 800-839-5060

E-Mail: info@profsyseng.com

Web Site: www.profsyseng.com

Contact: Jerry Forstater, PE, Principal

With offices in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and San Diego, PSE provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, and design services featuring advanced technologies for Security, Communications, Fire Protection, and Life Safety Systems. A national leader in corrections design since 1986, we have specialized in new construction and renovation projects for jails, prisons, juvenile, and courts facilities. Areas of expertise include: virtually impenetrable fencing system design, command centers, detention hardware and control, touch screen control systems, computer interfaced intercom/video and surveillance systems, advanced tracking and control systems, and security management information systems. Communications designs include: personal alarm systems, tele/datacom, video conferencing for arraignments/hearings/visitation, 800 Mhz trunked radio, inter-building education and broadcasting, and inmate management networking. Always on the cutting edge, 3-D virtual rendering for perimeter security is one of the innovative ways we help facilities avoid costly mistakes in systems design. Our staff's experience reflects first-hand knowledge of facility design, operations techniques, training maintenance, and best practices in high-level, high-risk security applications.


401 SW Water Street, Suite 701

Peoria, IL 61602-1530

Toll Free: 309-282-8166

Fax: 309-282-8001

E-Mail: jmatarelli@dewberry.com

Web Site: www.psadewberry.com

Contact: Jim Matarelli, AIA, Director of Corrections Architecture

PSA-Dewberry is a national criminal justice firm in 8 locations with over 30 years' experience in corrections, courts, detention, juvenile, and public safety facilities for local, state, and Federal clients. The firm provides full architecture, engineering, security design and planning services with a history of collaboration and an emphasis on innovative, operationally responsive and cost-effective solutions. PSA-Dewberry Teams are experienced in all types of special need facilities and project delivery systems.


225 Park Avenue South

New York, NY 10003

Toll Free: 877-395-5459


Fax: 212-529-5237

E-Mail: info@stvinc.com

Web Site: www.stvinc.com

Contact: David Miles Ziskind, AIA, Senior Vice President

STV Silver & Ziskind provides broad-based services that address all aspects of architectural design, including master planning, programming and interior design. The firm is involved in many types of facilities, including minimum-, medium-, maximum- and close-security prisons, as well as police, juvenile detention and substance abuse treatment facilities, and courthouses. STV S & Z is an architectural division of STV Group, which provides architecture, engineering planning and design services, as well as construction management.



3611 14th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11218-3750

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