Butler, Charles. The Fetch Of Mardy Watt.

Author:Rader, Heather
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

BUTLER, Charles. The fetch of Mardy Watt. Trafalgar Square. 223p. c2004. 0-00-712857-6. $9.99. J

A fetch is an apparition designed to "fetch" the body of another. Mardy's fetch begins innocently, buying chocolate bars and writing in her diary, but when a mastermind plays Mardy's Reverberant Chord (a harmonious fingerprint), Mardy fades as her fetch takes over. She discovers that Bellevue School is haunted and while it is a place to learn French in three dimensions, it is also Uraniborg Castle, home of the "Mayor" who is trying to enslave Mardy and her brother Alan, whose fetch lies in a coma. It's up to Mardy, Alan, Mardy's best friend Hal, and Rachel Fludd (a skilled witch) to play the Mayor's own Reverberant Chord and find resolution.

This is a mildly spooky contemporary fantasy. There are Harry Potter-like elements...

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