Busting myths about concussions.

Position:Brain Trauma - Brief article

Concussions have become big news as everyone from high school coaches to members of Congress grapples with how to prevent and manage these age-old and unwanted casualties of sport. Suddenly, elite and recreational athletes seem to be experiencing an "epidemic" of head injuries. In actuality, maintains Douglas McKeag, director of the Center for Sports Medicine at Indiana University, Bloomington, physicians are seeing about the same number of concussions as in the past--or perhaps a few more as public awareness grows.

Here are some concussion mythbusters, according to McKeag:

* Helmets do not stop concussions from occurring. They do, however, prevent serious head injuries such as skull fractures and subdural hematomas (bleeding on the brain).

* Tests exist that can tell if a person's brain function is diminished--but not how serious the injury may be.

* Concussions can occur with dramatic...

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